After the storm comes the Sunshine…

There always comes a point in ones life that feels totally intolerable. Some face it in their youth and some face the test of time in their old age. You have these issues with no place to turn. When reality sets in, you’re all alone. You look around, but there is no comfort in the things that once brought you joy. Life seems like it’s just not worth living anymore. Cheer up child I know first hand that if you believe you can smile again. Now, I am not here to tell you to stop your practice of faith and join mine, what I am here to do do is let you know how I made it through the storm. You have to want peace of mind with the goal to shine again.

  1. Identify the problem in your situation
  2. Accept the issue
  3. Strategize to find a way to cope
  4. Push through

The process is not going to be easy. The most important part is NEVER GIVING UP!!


Hold Up Wait a Minute!

Yes, you read that right! I said, “Hold Up, Wait a Minute!”

Now I know you lying! lol, no let me stop. Hey y’all heey!!! I’m Vernébj aka @MzdymplzzV(Twitter) bka @MzDymplzz801(Instagram). Let me tell you right now!!! I’m totally NEW to blogging. I don’t have a clue as to what i’m doing but I’m GOING FOR IT!!!

My favorite subject in grade school was always English Language Arts. I spent a lot of time on punishment as a child, so naturally books and my imagination were all I really had to look forward to. In the classroom setting my teachers noticed my ability to process my thoughts & express them on paper in an organized & detailed manner. As a result, my teachers began encouraging me to keep writing.

I can admit, I would pick up writing & then I would put it down until eventually, I stopped writing altogether. I started caring about who would like my content & who wouldn’t. I started to lose my confidence. Then, one day I was randomly asked to share my story & speak about it publicly. I agreed and the rest is HISTORY!!!

If you have a moment check my thoughts out. I don’t hold ANYTHING back. I am NOT a racist but as an African American Woman I stand TRUE to MY Blackness. I am NOT anti-white nor any other race I love ALL people! I like other cultures believe in TRADITIONAL dating. Yes, it’s true. I have deep rooted issues with my sisters mother (keep reading you’ll TOTALLY understand why), I can’t WAIT to dive IN & let it out! I want this to be a healing process not just for me, but for anyone in the audience who feels like it’s just too much. Above all I truly LOVE GOD!